Spain and the Spanish connection with Ireland are among the features of the 2012 issue of Archivium Hibernicum. Ciaran O’Scea, the renowned expert on early modern Irish migrants to Spain, presents to the the public, for the very first time, an annotated version of important documents concerning the early modern Irish in Spain. Of particular interest are the documents concerning the assasination of Domnall Cam O’Sullivan Beare. This sustantial collection of documents sheds new light on the activities of the Irish in Spain at a crucial moment in Irish-Spanish and Anglo-Spanish relations. It will be of great interest to historians of Ireland, Spain and of migration in general.

The holiday homes of the students of the Irish college in Salamanca in the early twentieth century are the subject of Regina Whelan Richardson’s article  on the Irish in the Asturias. She pays particular attention to the experiences of the Irish collegial community during the early stages of the Spanish Civil War. She presents, for the first time, a complete list of the last group of Irish students in the Salamanca college, with details of their final destination after the flight from Spain in 1936. The article is illustrated with two splendid photographs, one from the National Library of Ireland and the second from the collections of St Patrick’s College Maynooth.

The issue also includes items on Irish, French and English history.