Annual Conference

North-West University


13-15 August 2015

Theme: The history of commemorations, celebrations and anniversaries    (including architecture)

This is a neglected topic and should bring interesting discussions to the academic table.  Members are invited to submit abstracts on the main theme or any of the following sub-themes.


  • Celebrating martyrs
  • Memory in the works of the Church Fathers
  • Conflicting views of the history of the Church in the age of the Reformation
  • The Jubilee in Christian history
  • Statues and monuments of Christian heroes in southern Africa
  • Saints or collaborators? The debate on the legacy of the missionaries
  • Commemorating Christian anti-apartheid activists in the post-apartheid era
  • African ways of celebrating the memory of spiritual leaders


The abstracts should be clear in terms of methodology (and the use of sources), as well as on its location within the field of Church History or Church Polity. The papers should be based on thorough research. The focus on one of the themes should be at the heart of all the papers.

Abstract relevant to the theme and sub-themes must reach the secretary not later than 2 March, 2015. The contributions must be based on original work. The Society cannot guarantee that all abstracts will be accepted. Authors are encouraged to send their abstracts promptly. Please send your abstracts to the following e-mail address: for attention of the Secretary, Erna Oliver.