Session 1

10.15-11.15         Alan Ford: The bishops of the Church of Ireland, 1536-2020


11.15-11.45         Coffee


Session 2

11.45-12.15         James Murray: The Accidental Patriarch: George Browne, First Reformation Archbishop of Dublin


12.15-12.45         Elizabethanne Boran: Negotiating the Republic of Letters: the correspondence of James Ussher, William Bedell and Samuel Ward


12.45-13.15         Q&A


13.15-14.15         Lunch


Session 3

14.15-14.45         Anthony Malcomson: Edifying bishops: the contribution of the bishops to domestic architecture in 18th-century Ireland


14.45-15.15         Rebecca Campion: Episcopal Hospitality: exploring the political and cultural ambitions of Frederick Hervey, the Earl Bishop, through material culture


15.15-15.45         Miriam Moffitt: ‘Irish Anglicanism at its best?’: Archbishop John Allen Fitzgerald Gregg


15.45-16.15         Q&A