The Irish Catholic Historical Society, St Patrick?s College, Maynooth and the Office of the Dean of Arts NUI Maynooth are pleased to announce that fundraising has begun for the P.J.Corish Research Support fund.

The Fund will support research in all areas of Irish history, especially on the Irish diasporas in the early modern period. The first project targeted is the cataloguing of material for the Clergy of Ireland Virtual Research Environment. This will deal with information on Irish clergy at home and abroad in the early modern period.

The accompanying photograph is of Mgr P.J. Corish at a recent event in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Mgr Corish was for many years professor of ecclesiastical history and later of modern history in the pontifical university at St Patrick’s College Maynooth and in the recognised college of the National University of Ireland. Beloved of generations of Maynooth students, he is well known for his important contributions to Irish ecclesiastical history and to the history of seventeenth-century Ireland. In 1995, on the occasion of the bi-centenary of the college’s foundation, he published a history of Maynooth College.