In the currently available 2014 edition of Archivium Hibernicum, Eduardo de Mesa presents new research on a largely unknown time in the life of Owen Roe O’Neill as a Gaelic military commander in the service of the Hapsburgs in the Spanish Army of Flanders for thirty-six years between 1606 and1642. He uses material from the Spanish archives to describe the challenges facing an Irish infantry captain serving on the continent.

The volume includes 382 pages, with index.

Table of Contents:


The career of Owen Roe O’Neill in the Spanish Army of Flanders (1606–42): documentation held in Spanish archives          Eduardo de Mesa 7

The Spanish-language ‘Manifesto’ of the Catholic Confederation of Ireland, 1642         Eamon Darcy 25

Matthew Teige (d. 1652), the Irish Pastoral College of Louvain and the Lectio Catechistica (1644)     Michael Dunne 35

Proceedings at the High Court of Justice at Dublin and Cork 1652–1654 [part 2, with index]   Jennifer Wells 76

Documents concerning the Irish College in Madrid (1690–1720)       Jose Luis Hernanz Elvira 275

The Irish in the regiments of Duke Leopold of Lorraine 1698–1729     Frédéric Richard-Maupillier 285

Documents concerning an Irish soldier in Spanish Service, Julian O’Callaghan MacCarthy (d. 1727)     Óscar Hernanz Elvira 313

Gleanings on the personnel of the Catholic Convention, 1792–93 [with index]        C.J. Woods 319


The history of the suppressed Irish College, Rome, part 1: 1798–1808        Christopher Korten 341

Alexander Prince Hohenlohe and his miraculous cures in early nineteenth-century Europe and America         Elizabeth Cronin 362

Index to Vol. LXVII